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Welcome to Child Care School

This Stage begins at the age of 3-4 YRS. We teach children how to associate with others, share with friends, toilet manners, greeting manners, table manners.

At Tender Care Junior School, the Elementary School is characterized by its stimulating, supportive, caring family ethos with high expectations for both academic achievement and behavior, where students are encouraged to think independently, and a commitment is made to meet the needs of every child. Each classroom is a community of learners in which pupils learn to explore their world, think critically and creatively, and strive for continuous growth in an environment in which children experience the excitement of learning. Students respect one another as they participate in many collaborative experiences and have fun learning at Tender Care Junior School!

Parental involvement is integral to our work together and we welcome parents as volunteers in our classrooms. We work in close partnership with our parents to give every student the care and attention they need to ensure each child’s success in our school. Communication from the classroom teacher is ongoing and administration serves to inform and update parents on important matters in the classroom and in the school.

Resources at Child Care School

• Handbook
• Library
• Learning Challenges
• ESL Program
• Character Education